Welcome to Signing Tots

Classes and Training Workshops using British Sign Language Signs throughout the North East and North Yorkshire

Signing Tots are a team of BSL professionals offering sign language classes and workshops for parents and carers.

We work in pre-schools, primary schools, children's centres and organisations, with sessions aimed at both hearing and deaf children (and their carers) and those with Special Educational Needs.

The age bracket we teach ranges from around 6 months to school age. Sessions are conducted in a fun and exciting way, using puppets, props, songs and nursery rhymes, as well reading & signing through favourite popular childrens books.

Learning to Fingerspell the alphabet, Sign colours and promoting deaf awareness are also part of our classes and training workshops cover a wide range of topics specific to childcare professionals.

Our services

Our Training Workshops cover a wide range of topics applicable to child care and are very popular with all types of organisations looking to incorporate signs into their settings. Find out more here.

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